Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hezbollah: "The Party of God"
The only way to end terrorism is to destroy the root of it: the states that sponsor it. The No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism is Iran. The United States and Israel should together destroy Iran's ability to support terrorism. One estimate is that that country gives $250 to $500 million per year to support Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran ships explosives into Iraq that kill our troops. Iran is trying to develop the nuclear bomb, and is close to succeeding.

These are only the current threats to civilization from that country. Nearly 30 years ago, Iran declared war on the United States by invading our embassy and taking American citizens hostage. The U.S. response was nothing. Iran aggravated that action through the years by organizing numerous terrorist actions, such as the killing of over 200 U.S. marines in Lebanon.

Today, thugs organized by the Iranian regime regularly shout, "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". The "prime minister" of Iran calls for Israel to be "wiped off the map". The government of Iran makes common cause with sundry dictatorships around the globe, such as that of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

America must decide that it will defend itself from this rogue state. Nothing less than "regime change" in Iran, accomplished by whatever military means necessary (up to and including the use of the nuclear bomb), is called for in defense of our country. We have common cause with Israel, not because we agree with all details of that government's actions, but because Israel is the only civilized state in the region, and is an even greater victim of Iran's depredations than we are.

Cutting the twigs of terrorism, such as arresting its leaders, or pursuing peripheral actions in Iraq and elsewhere, will not win the war. Only by going to the root will we win the war. As goes Iran, so go the lesser sympathizers and supporters of terrorism: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. If we root out the mother source of terrorism in Iran, it will probably not be necessary to confront these lesser, albeit deadly, enemies of the United States. They will have gotten the message.

When will we act?


Anonymous said...

Wow. You're one sick puppy. Out to murder millions (using nukes) of people that represent absolutely no threat to the UNITED STATES at all. All because some people "shout, 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel'"?

I bet you're a Christian, only a modern Christian (who hates the actual teachings of Christ, which were essentially socialist, helping your fellow man, helping the poor, &c.) could be as absolutely blood thirty as this post make you sound.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Anonymous, are you a disintegrationist? Have you tried integrating a few facts, such as the following?
- Iran supports Islamo-fascists who in fact have threatened and actually killed U. S. citizens.
- State-sponsored or sanctioned rallies of Iranian Islamo-fascists shout "Death to America."
- The Iranian state is developing technology that can lead to nuclear weapons -- which can be used against the U. S. and its allies.

Why go on? Why not try integrating those facts, to begin with?

Burgess Laughlin

P. S. -- Calling someone a "sick puppy" instead of offering a rational argument is fallacious, the fallacy of ad hominem. To be fallacious is to be illogical. To be illogical is to be disconnected from reality. Logical integration of facts is the antidote.