Wednesday, January 03, 2007

America's Moral Cowardice Empowers Its Enemies

America's global enemies are pathetically weak. North Korea cannot feed itself. It's people live on the edge of starvation. North Korea is one bad harvest away from collapse.

The Muslim terrorists, who have been at war with the United States for decades, are a couple of oil shipments away from returning to barbarism. Their economies produce nothing, except oil. Without it, primitive nomads would criss-cross the Arabian desert again.

Contrast the power of our North Korean and Muslim enemies with the strength of the enemies we faced at the outset of World War II. Germany was a leading industrial superpower. Their scientists pioneered the rocket, understood advanced nuclear science, and could have developed the nuclear bomb. On the eve of World War II, German industry was producing warplanes at a faster rate than the combined U.S. and British air forces.

Japan had one of the world's largest naval fleets, and had already conquered much of one country, China, that was far bigger than itself.

From the day Great Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, until the day Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945 (Germany had surrendered four months earlier), it took barely six years to defeat the great German and Japanese empires. From America's entry in the war on December 7, 1941 until Japan's surrender, it took less than four years of fighting to reduce Berlin to rubble and central Hiroshima and Nagasaki to nuclear vapor.

The Palestine Liberation Organization, the world's first Islamic terrorist group, first began attacking Westerners in the 1960s. Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism today, invaded our embassy and took U.S. hostages in 1979. In less than four years, America defeated the combined German and Japanese armed forces. In contrast, America has been attacked for more than four decades by Muslims, and the terrorists remain as strong as ever.

Since the most recent and most heinous Muslim attack, the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, the attack on the Pentagon, and the attempted attack on the U.S. Capitol or White House on September 11, 2001, five years have gone by, and America has accomplished little.

Instead of defeating the primary state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, America wrings its hands over the status of Palestinians. Instead of forcefully stopping the Saudi financing of terrorists, America's president holds the Saudi leader's hand and kisses him on both cheeks.

America has evaded the nature of our enemy. America has appeased our enemy. Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was the most frequent visitor to the White House in the 1990s (I wonder, did he sleep in Lincoln's bedroom?). Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize, with the blessing of the United States.

Now, it turns out, there is "smoking gun" documentation that the U.S. State Department knew of Yasser Arafat's direct involvement in one of the earliest PLO terrorist acts, the 1973 murder of two U.S. ambassadors in Khartoum, Sudan.

Why did the U.S. publicly obfuscate Arafat's direct involvement in this terrorist act? Why does the U.S. today minimize and downplay the direct role of Iran in ordering terrorist attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah? Why does the U.S. today minimize and downplay the river of Saudi money that finances madrassah schools that ideologically equip the terrorist vanguard?

What does America gain by building up and adding airs of respectability to thugs, simple thugs motivated by a barbaric religion who take pleasure in the humiliation of the West (recall the jubilant Muslim throngs [links here, here and here] that appeared across the globe on September 11, 2001)?

America's enemies are weak. I do not need to make the case here that a small projection of our military power could quickly and readily defeat any state that sponsors terrorism, with minimal loss of American life. (See my essays entitled, "The Nuclear Bomb: Why We Should be Willing to Use It" and "Hezbollah: The Party of God".)

Instead of defeating the enemy, America turns the other cheek. Instead of fighting the enemy, America sends treasure ships to them (e.g.: money and weapons training to the Palestinians, fuel and grain and nuclear reactors to the North Koreans). Instead of naming our enemy, America evades their nature, and then helps our enemy in their ruse to the world that they are civilized.

Our enemies are weak. Their philosophy of life impoverishes them. Their only strength comes from the material and moral sustenance we provide them.

It is time we withdraw it.


Acknowledgement and thanks:

Thank you, John Lewis, for the inspiration and data you provided for my article in yours, entitled, "America's Sanction of Its Enemies."


Burgess Laughlin said...

Galileo Blog says: "Why does the U.S. today minimize and downplay the river of Saudi money that finances madrassah schools that ideologically equip the terrorist vanguard?"

The Islamic colleges, the madrassas (variously spelled in English), provide both philosophical/theological and ideological armament for the Islamo-fascist movement against the West.

For comparison, consider the Dominican friars in Latin-Christian Europe in the 1200s. As the "preaching friars," the Dominicans were employed by the Church to stir up support for crusades against all the enemies of the Church. The Dominicans had their own university-level schools. Their purpose was to philosophically, theologically, and ideologically arm and justify crusaders and those who supported them. (Those crusades, by the way, were led more against other Christians -- "heretics" and schismatics -- than against Muslim enemies.)

In some ways, the parallels between the madrassas and the Dominican friary schools are striking. However, consider the contrasts too. For example, the Dominicans officially incorporated Aristotle's works into their studies. The foremost Dominican teacher was Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274); his mentor, Albert the Great (1193-1280), was an admirer of Aristotle and a nascent scientist fascinated with the world around him. (Of course, both Thomas and Albert were true Christians and, in part, mystics.)

Can you imagine such men or such a curriculum in the typical madrassa that supports Islamo-fascists? Can you imagine the government of Saudi Arabia giving financial aid to schools that do have such a curriculum?

For an even more revealing contrast -- of Islamic culture and Christian culture today -- try to imagine the graduates of U. S. Catholic seminaries or Southern Baptist colleges pouring into the streets and swearing before God to take up arms for their religion.

I can't imagine such a thing -- yet. But it may be coming within another generation or two. The U. S. welfare state's long practice at appeasement of Muslims overseas may be applied to appeasing Christian zealots at home.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Galileo Blogs says: "... madrassah schools ..."

Strictly speaking, this phrase is redundant. A madrassa (variously transliterated into English spelling) *is* a school, specifically a college in which the teachers teach Islamic law and related subjects but not what traditional Muslims called "foreign sciences."

My Arabic is very crude, but I can suggest a way to remember the meaning of *madrassa*.

In Arabic words typically, the ma- means "place where." And -drassa is a form of the root word *darasa*, which means "to study." So a *madrassa* is a place where study is done.

Galileo Blogs said...

Thank you for the historical background and greater insight into the madrassa. How ironic the historical symmetry between the Dominican friary schools that were formed to whip up enthusiasm for the Crusades against the Muslims, and today's maddrassa that are being used by the Muslims to whip up enthusiasm for the jihad against the West.

God save us from religion!! (lol)