Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Face of the Fight for Freedom

This woman in her red coat, her 6'3" brother and her Ninja husband are the faces of the fight for freedom in China and the rest of the world. She fights for her right to her home, and stands nearly alone to confront the wrecking ball and China's statist bureaucracy.

I cheer her, and the fact that her voice can be heard. China has a long way to go. China has come a long way.


Galileo Blogs said...


The New York Times reported today (4/3/06) that the woman in the red dress finally capitulated to those who stole her apartment. She accepted a "comparable" apartment in the center of town.

How many victims of eminent domain in America are forced to accept similar offers they can't refuse?

Her face and her exact pose in that photograph will always stay implanted in my memory. This is an occasion where I wish I were an artist. Her face captures the intransigent protest, the anger and the pain at having her home stolen from her.

Galileo Blogs said...

The link no longer carries the photo. If you have access to New York Times online, I recommend looking at the photo. My comments refer to the particular qualities of the face of the woman in the red coat, her stance, and the overall composition of the photo, including the presence of her 6'3" brother in the background.

Hers is the face of resistance to tyranny. The Chinese government better watch out. As the Chinese economy opens up, the people will demand more freedom, not less. That means greater protection of property rights, greater freedom to speak out, and all the other freedoms that are part of the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. If the government tries to stop people like this woman, there will be 100 Tiananmen Squares in China's future.