Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Technology-Based Future

Have you ever wondered what Man can achieve? Take a look at these Predictions for a Technological Future. Futurist Brian Wang makes plausible predictions based on technological trends in computing, nanotechnology, materials science, energy, communications and space flight. He provides timelines for each of them.

There is nothing to hold man back from achieving these or similar inventions. Today's world would be barely conceivable science fiction to the 18th century Founding Fathers of our country. Yet, the unleashing of the human mind that was their political achievement has made a fantasy world real. If the philosophic foundation of our country can be re-built, there will be no limits to man's achievement.

I am optimistic. Even if Man must endure another Dark Ages first (which will not happen; that is my prediction), man will:

  • Use gene therapy to enhance human intelligence
  • Use the earth's magnetic field to cheaply catapult ships into space
  • Artificially grow human organs
  • Double his lifespan
  • Develop an economy off-earth larger than the economy of Japan
  • Fly scramjets that will carry cargo 10-20 times the speed of sound
These are a few of the new technologies Brian Wang predicts, all of them achievable before the year 2030. He is right, if man's mind is free to build them.

Philosophers, win the battle for reason, and the world of the future will be ours.

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